Get ready to breach the rift into a universe filled with adventure, amazing sights and dark shadows.



Breaching the Rift is a Science-Fantasy universe where the line between magic and technology starts to come into focus. From the mechanical and software based terror of Unit 255, the invading forces of the O-Vours, to the Xeno-Annalists seeking the truth about weyspace, the Baldron and life in Reteyn space. Take a team on an adventure in the fast paced Breaching the Rift skirmish game or jump into one of the stories from the Rift. Mystery and adventure awaits you.

  • Changes and new horizons - Hi all, So, some of you may already be aware that there have been some major changes in Gydran Studio that have caused a bit of a bottle neck in how Breaching the Rift has been able to move forward. I was told in January of this year (2020), just after returning to work from […]
  • Tabletop Scotland 2018 and demos - Hi guys, Some of you may have been aware that we were at Tabletop Scotland this weekend just gone. The event was the first one and it was a hive of activity and an amazing success all around. Everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were a lot of friendly faces. from the […]