Carronade 2020 – Cancelled

Carronade 2020 CANCELLED.

We will not be at Carronade 2020 in Falkirk, Scotland, this year as the show has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus pandemic that the world is currently facing. This would have been our third year attending and though it is no longer going ahead we hope that next year will see a brighter time for all shows relating tot he hobby.


“Falkirk District Wargames Club hope you can join us for our annual show.

The show will be held at our usual venue, Graeme High School Callander Road Falkirk FK1 1S.

The lists of traders, clubs, and games will be updated in due course alongside details regarding the painting competition and flea market.”

Changes and new horizons

Hi all,

The studio, now empty of anything Gydran, on the day we handed the keys in after 20 months inhabiting this space.

So, some of you may already be aware that there have been some major changes in Gydran Studio that have caused a bit of a bottle neck in how Breaching the Rift has been able to move forward. I was told in January of this year (2020), just after returning to work from the holidays, that i had to vacate the office space. This had led to a lot of problems as the only available spaces of an appropriate size were beyond the budget for us. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that the move has been costly and has meant that i have had to assess my options carefully. As a temporary fix Gydran has been moved into my home and taken up ever available spare room i have. Not ideal, but it allows for things to continue to move forward.

How does this affect the project?

In short, it doesn’t. Everything is still moving forward and although it has gone back to a more home brew kind of set up it marches forward. There are some exciting things in the pipeline and as this year progresses i will be sharing that with you. One of the things coming up is a little side project i’m calling Racoon (yes, one ‘C’). I’ll let you know more as it comes along but for now this little image will have to do. That being said if you go and look at the Gydran Instagram feed you’ll find a couple of teaser images from it. Which ones are they you say!? Well… that would be telling! 😉

We have had some new releases this year and had a lot of great photos of painted  models in from you guys that we have shared over on social as well as put up in our Gallery where you can find other images from events and more projects relating to Breaching the Rift. I for one really love seeing the painted pictures come in as it reminds me that you guys are out there painting the miniatures and waiting to see where the project goes. It’s quite exciting and pushes the project forward so thank you for all your support guys and keep those pictures coming in.

For now, that’s all and i’ll leave you with a few of the excellent pictures sent in by you guys.

Take it easy!



Sarrian Systems Darri Pattern Mech, painted by Mike Bissell
Heishi Corp Battle Mech, painted by Andy Jackson
Yunti Vex and Koto Baro, painted by Florian Heiler

Carronade 2019

This will be our second year at Carronade, our new “local” gaming show. We will be down in the hall this year, instead of upstairs. We will have a demo board of the game there and, with any luck, be letting you guys get a go and give us your feedback. There will be some significant changes in these rules that some of our playtesters will already be aware of. You can also sign up to become a playtester at the show as well as pick up some never seen before miniatures from the Breach the Rift miniatures range.

We look forward to seeing you there and getting you familiar with Breaching the Rift and all that inhabit its sometimes chaotic boundaries.

Tabletop Scotland 2018 and demos

Hi guys,

Some of you may have been aware that we were at Tabletop Scotland this weekend just gone. The event was the first one and it was a hive of activity and an amazing success all around. Everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were a lot of friendly faces. from the Attack on Titan outfits to the Wandering Wizards, the Tabletop games to the Wargames… there was much fun to be had all around.

John, guiding group 2 from the Saturday demos through the scenario.

The demo game was saw a long established research outpost at the edge of Baharan space going silen. The Bahara Initiative Council decided to send scout drones to find out what had happened. Upon landing on the planet the drones discovered that the entire scientific team, Dweorg, Darri, Ettuay and Pelegian alike had all been killed. An unusual energy signature was detected and the drones moved in to investigate. They all went offline within seconds of getting to the anomalous signal, except for one that had been tasked to another location. After it had been rerouted the only information it sent back was of a robot of unknown configuration right before it too went dark.

A small Scout force was dispatched to investigate  the outpost, but they too went dark and it was decided that a larger incursion force would be deployed to retrieve the Scout Force and downed drones as well as to take out what ever it was. This is where the players jumped in with one side taking on the roll of the force causing the death and destruction in the outpost and the other the incursion force.

Unit 255 in the paint queue the day before the show.

We had the latest version of the Alpha rules with us and armed with two unique forces and the new 3′ x 3′ board we set about demoing the Skirmish game and bringing some enthusiastic gamers into our world. The game pitched a 12 unit Bahara Initiative force against the deadly collective of Unit 255, an infected AI with a huge distaste for anything organic.

We created the model for Unit 255 as a prototype and sent it to our printers, Hysterical Games, who were amazing as always and got the model to us in time for us to get 255 painted up ready for the show. It was great to see everyone’s response to the Artificer robot and it really drew people in.

The robot forces were a strong force to contend against and out of all our demos only one team managed to bring their team to victory against them by taking out Unit 255 and causing all drone robots to be left without any command code being transmitted to them.

There were several things we have taken from the weekends demos/play tests and we have already started writing them up into the rules as well as addressing some of the wording that people pointed out as being a bit confusing, but that’s why the play testing is so important. If you want to get involved in testing the game you can head on over to the Skirmish Game page and fill in the sign up form. There are a limited number of seats for testing though and it is on a first come first served basis.

We’re getting quite excited about the development of this game and look forward to bringing more news about the game as it progresses. It’ll be available as a free download for the basic rules, and a paid version in both hard copy and digital download with more lore from the universe as well as other extras.

All in all, Tabletop Scotland was a fun show and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You can definitely expect to see us there again next year, and we intend to have the Skirmish Game ready and launched by then so you we can run more than just a demo game.

For now though, that’s it… and we will catch you in the next update from the Barakum Bar.

Pelegian Sapper – Kickstarter

This Kickstarter was a short project based on releasing a single miniature that eventually became a part of our Free Rifters faction, Jhorka. The campaign was successful for the single miniature, but none of the other miniatures were unlocked. We decided during the fulfilment stage to release the almost finished Beaverian miniatures from the campaign too, which now add to our Space Critter line.

The Elsor-Varo – Kickstarter

The Elsor-Varo are Mech armoured Dweorg belonging to the D.I.A. (Dweorg Independent Alliance). The Kickstarter was to raise the money to create and release our first range of heavily armoured troops for the intended skirmish game that eventually became Breaching The Rift.